Rene Amesz is a longstanding member of the #ToolroomFamily. From his ‘’Party Animal’ remix debut back in 2007, he’s gone to release some huge singles on Toolroom. His sound is instantly recognised – those chunky drums, and quirky percussion elements all make for a standout Rene Amesz record.

At the end of 2016, head honcho Mark Knight spent some time Rene’s Rotterdam studio. The result of which was a powerful electronic Tech House track that was begging for a vocal. ‘Live Stream’ was Rene’s first collaboration with Mark Knight and they appointed the one and only Green Velvet on vocals.

Fast forward to 2020… ‘Live Stream’ now sits on over 3 million streams and Mark Knight and Rene Amesz team up again on ‘All 4 Love’. A soulful, uplifting and feel good House record which utilises that classic bassline and sax riff from Brick’s ‘Living From Your Mind’, along with the original vocals from London based singer, songwriter Tasty Lopez.

We caught up with Rene Amesz as he talks us over some of his most stand out records from his extensive career.

Here’s what he has to say…

1: ‘Back Into The Funk’ / Little Mountaint Recordings 2004
This record got me attention by Sander Kleinenberg and his team and the whole scene around him. I got to play at the Space Terrace in Miami amongst others. We played 8 hours each with vinyl only at that time. This was the start of something nice.

2: ‘Courisha’ / Deep Records 2005
This was one of my first records that I released for the well known Extrema family. (Extrema Outdoor Festival). This record made me play on their events and related festivals world wide! That’s an original vocal by myself on this record!

3: ‘Strike Me Down’ / La Factoria Records 2006
Together with Peter Gelderblom and Wally Lopez I’ve produced our first worldwide Dance hit called ‘Strike Me Down’ ending up number 1 on several big charts worldwide.

4: ‘Climb The Wall’ / Little Mountain Records 2006
Not long after ‘Strike Me Down’ me and Peter Gelderblom produced this monster on Sander Kleinenberg’s imprint LMR. Again, huge a success with this record, from this I got to play more and more shows worldwide.

5: ‘Snap’ / Rising Trax 2007
Another tune produced together with Peter Gelderblom. This one was released on Chris Lake’s label Rising Trax. This label isn’t around anymore but back in the days Rising Trax got lots of success. ‘Snap’ made it into several national top 100 charts, and got so much radio support worldwide. This was really the start of things to come for Rene Amesz. I was touring even more, my fees went up and producing so much good music.

6: Mark Knight – ‘Party Animal’ / Toolroom Records 2007
This remix from back in 2007 was my debut on Toolroom Records. It turned out to be a huge club hit. Since this remix I went from a Toolroom newbie to being part of the office furniture! An amazing 40+ releases on the label followed from this!

7: Mark Knight & Funkagenda – Man With The Red Face / Toolroom Records 2013
A few years without a hit passed since ‘Party Animal’ due to several unforeseen circumstances. My remix for MWTRF moved things back into the right direction. This remake ended up on top spots in charts worldwide. This was part of the anniversary release package, myself along with Hardwell and ATFC each remixed the track. You couldn’t walk around during WMC without hearing my mix. This meant a nice full DJing schedule for me once again!

8: ‘Like It Deep’ / Toolroom Records 2015
I didn’t expect this track to blow up the way it did. This is a perfect example of one can’t deliberately produce a hit – It just happens.

9: ‘Lord’ / Spinnin Deep 2016
This collab between me and Ferreck Dawn! It ended up topping charts everywhere!

10: ‘Live Stream’ / Toolroom Records 2017
My first collab with Mark Knight was a fact. After creating the music we asked Curtis (Green Velvet) to jump in and he delivered these massive vocals which he is well known for. My new collab with Mark called ‘All 4 Love’ together with Tasty Lopez is out now! It promises to be another chart and stormer!