Club veteran and prolific international DJ, Nathan Barato, picks some of his favourite Club Weapons. Whether on his relentless rounds of the after hours circuit in his native Toronto, or delivering killer sets across the globe – these are selections of his that are guaranteed to cause havoc on any dance floor.

When not gracing the decks, Nathan is a is an eclectic producer with an abundant release schedule. His productions garner huge support from the biggest names in dance music, and transcend borders and genres in their global appeal. Nathan’s sharp and varied productions can be heard amongst some of his selections below.

Nathan’s newest cut with Matheo Velez, the fittingly titled, ‘Weapon‘, is out now on Toolroom Records.

Nathan Barato featuring Sasha Brown – Talk On [HOT CREATIONS] 2016

I met Sasha (now known as Sasha Gigi) one night in Ibiza and it wasn’t long before she sent me voice recordings of her over this beat I made.. its such a cool experience to see a record come together from a chance meeting and continue on all the way to hearing it rock festivals around the world.

Kings Of Tomorrow – Fade To Black [YOSHI TOSHI] 1997

This is one of the best vocal records I ever did hear… and the patience in the arrangement is really amazing. I’ll never forget when Tyrone Solomon here in Toronto played this in the record store he made sure we all waited and listened until the arrangement unfolded… so perfect.

Mousse T – Horny [PEPPERMINT JAM] 1998

This is a straight party anthem and this is the version that has no vocal … back in the day, this record took over the world.

Lil’ Mo’ Yin Yang – Reach [STRICTLY RHYTHM] 1995

I play this record pretty regularly till this day. The sound totally holds up.. The power in the drums, the arrangement and the way they made a hook out of a one syllable word from India.. just amazing

Route 94 – C’mon [SOLID GROOVES] 2023

To me, this is one of the best records around right now. Its different and has its own life. I love the freshness of it and it always tears the roof off.

Nathan Barato, Matheo Velez – Lose Myself [RAWTHENTIC] 2023

It was a good day when Matheo asked me to join him on this one. So many of the elements mesh really well and this record always causes a dope vibe on the dancefloor

Brisotti – Laha [RAWTHENTIC] 2023

Brisotti has a fresh sound.. tough drums, sick non typical samples.. this one is a hit and goes off.

ENNE & PUFF (ITA) – Pass That [TAKE NOTES] 2023

Such a fresh arrangement and dope use of Missy’s vocal.. this is one of those records that brings the dancefloor together.

Todd Terry – Hear the Music (Nathan Barato Remix) [TOOLROOM] 2015

Damn I was excited and proud to work on this remix.. it was nerve wracking experience but I still had fun…
Todd Terry is a special person in dance music.. so to work elements of his was kind of surreal.

Lowest, Trangaz – Suave Con Tek [PAKATE] 2023

A straight drummy bomb… I love this track .. it works every time.