Wankelmut & Anna Leyne – ‘Free At Last’ (Mousse T. Remix)
Being a big fan of Wankelmut´s ‘My Head Is A Jungle’, I had a ball doing this mix! I know it’s a banger when I can listen to the drums and bass for hours in a loop!

Mike Dunn – ‘If I Can’t Git Down’ – Mousse Ts Funky Shizzle mix

Did this one quite recently. Kinda went down my old school route with this gem. Always a treat, when you have a dope vocal from a legend like Mike and you’re allowed to build a whole new track from scratch.

Ann Nesby – ‘Can I Get A Witness – Mousse T’s Funk 2000 mix

Probably one of my fave mixes EVER! I love to create rough backing tracks and lay a beautiful vocal on top, still sounds so fresh! This one was also one of the mixes which led to my Grammy nomination in 1998

Moloko – ‘Sing It Back’ – Mousse T’s Feel Love mix

You probably figure out where I had my inspiration from when you check the name of my mix…Very proud of have this on my label and to have worked with the queen that is Roisin.

Selace – ‘So Hooked On Your Love’ – Mousse Ts Disco Shizzle

This one took me ages to do and was worth the effort… loved the vocal so much that I probably had like 10 different ideas where to go with the production. I could probably do an album with the leftovers….

Camelphat & Elderbrook – ‘Cola’ – Mousse T’s Disco Shizzle

I just love when a plan works…

Shakedown – ‘At Night’ – Mousse T´s feel much better mix

It still amazes me how this one sounds in a club… If you’re looking for a definition of a breakdown check this out!

Dennis Ferrer – ‘Hey Hey’ – Mousse T. mix

Originally started a a little edit for my DJ sets this turned out quiet nice. Especially love the chords on it.

Nuyorican Soul – ‘Runaway’ – Mousse Ts Jazz Funk Experience

Had a proper orgasm when I played the chords and had my fried play the bass for this back in the day… always a very special moment when you can mix a tune for Louie and Kenny…check out all my mixes though!

Web We – ‘What You Give Is What You Get’ – Mousse T’s Boogie Shizzle Mix

Believe it or not, the original is a proper free Jazz song… and now DANCE!