MORIXO: Stardust – Music Sounds Better With You
What an influential record on the world, me included. Harnessing the Chic sound along with incredible vocal it was a record I remember hearing the first time. In my 1st car I stopped to listen to it. Some incredible records around that time but for me this is the OG.

MORIXO: Degrees Of Motion – Shine On
The ultimate big vocal record, end of night tingles and the complete uplifting 90’s package. Would be massive today if it had never existed til now!

MORIXO: Shakedown – At Night
Just love the little synth line in this, proper iconic. Vocal is huge and the production on the original mix is just so unique to itself. The drums are really different and tight.

MORIXO: Gat Decor – Passion
I preferred this one without the bootleg vocal I gotta say. The original oozes warm atmosphere yet is utterly banging. One of my fave examples of Piano House, the M1 with delay is lush (well actually there’s delay on everything in this record!)

MORIXO: Mella Dee – Techno Disco Tool
Love all Mella Dee tunes but this is so wicked, it’s like early ‘00s fresh house but rammed into a blast furnace. So simple, so banging.

CHANEY: Soft House Company – ‘What You Need’
One of the best house records ever made, casts a spell on the dance floor. Amongst the hundreds of times “Let No Man Put Asunder” has been sampled – this record stands firmly at the front.

CHANEY: Moodyman – ‘The Thief That Stole My Sad Days … Ya Blessin’ Me’
My favourite track from “Forevernevermore”. 8 minutes of soulful greatness. Put it on, turn it up.

CHANEY: David Morales Presents The Face Ft Juliet Roberts – ‘Needin You’
A massive credit to Rare Pleasure, as well as David Morales. For me, this is one of the most instant house records which will never ever fail to make me feel happy. This tune defines the art and importance of sampling – taking the heart and soul from 1976 and still being relevant 45 years later. A constant re-birth and rediscovery for a new generation.

CHANEY: Fusion Groove Orchestra feat. Steve Lucas – ‘If Only I Could’ (Liem Remix)
If you’ve been on a packed dance floor and heard this coming on at peak time, you know. Say no more!

Ce Ce Peniston ‎– ‘Finally’ (12” Choice Mix)
Obvious favourite. Love the longer intro on this 12” Choice Mix and always transports me back to 6AM Shangri La (Glastonbury).

Morixo & Chaney – ‘Good For Me’
Had to put this in, the new single on Toolroom and influenced a lot from my other top picks. Chaney and myself wanted to make something feel good late 2019 and as the pandemic unfolded this year we were more determined to make it proper uplifting!