Mason is not your ‘typical’ House artist. A multi-instrumentalist, his musical career has spanned styles and genres, never sticking to the same formula. ‘Frisky Biscuits’, his incredible recent album on Toolroom, is testament to this; it’s a journey of different genres and moods, but with an underpinning of groove, warmth and most importantly, fun.

It’s no surprise that Mason’s musical influences are as equally diverse. Keen to get a snapshot of his record collection, we asked him for a selection of his top albums of all time… Get digging!

Les Rythmes Digitales – Darkdancer
Everything is right on this album. The no nonsense, and no compromises attitude and the sheer fun(k) that’s sprayed all over it!
Standout track: About Funk

Serge Gainsbourg – Histoire de Melody Nelson
If you ever wonder where Air and Zero 7 learned their tricks look no further. Warm, soothing and rich.
standout track: Ah Melody

Dr Dre – The Chronic
One of the first albums I ever bought, and I could rap along with every line at age 12. Even though I could hardly speak English and had no idea of any of the meaning. Still a huge influence
Standout track: Fuck With Dre Day

Das Pop – The Game
One of the examples why the Belgians beat us Dutch in music hands down every time.
Standout track: The Game

Gotcha! – Words And Music From The Lowlands
We Dutch’ have had our share of good acts too though. Gotcha! sometimes overlooked but for me one of the greatest musical acts the Netherlands ever had!
Standout track: Funky Farm

Django Django – Django Django
I was so blown away by the originality and uniqueness of their sound when it came out, the album was stuck on repeat here.
Standout track: Hail Bop

Alan Braxe – The Upper Cuts
Everything there is to love about italo, dusty house, and… well France really.
Standout track: Rubicon

Propellerheads – Decksandrumsandrockandroll
Memories of finishing high school and having no idea about anything ,while listening to this in my bedroom, trying to figure out how my AKAI sampler worked.
standout track: On Her Majesty’s Secret Service

Detroit Grand Pubahs – Funk All Y’All
Heavily influenced by P-funk, just like me, but bringing it into an electronic realm. The most fun act to watch too.
Standout track: Funk All Y’All

Polo & Pan – Caravelle
After all that old stuff I wanted to end with something recent, as I still listen to crazy neurotic amounts of new music to find stuff for my DJ sets. For me this was the best and freshest album of last year.
standout track: Canopée

Mason’s ‘Frisky Biscuits’ album is out now on Toolroom!