A classically trained jazz pianist, studio engineer, with a record collection reaching close to 10,000 and the #1 selling Tech House artist on Beatport, Martin Ikin is truly one of the most exciting and talented producers in the scene. He’s been making music since the early 90s, and has released tracks under various different names over the years, we wanted to know what records he considers to be his most influential of his career – from Adonis, to Larry Heard to MAW, here’s just a few of his picks…

Nitro Deluxe – ‘Let’s Get Brutal’
This is the first 12” I bought on Cool Tempo back in 1987!

LFO – ‘Track 4’
Talking of pioneers, this record could be made 50 years from now and still sound like the future!

Adonis – ‘Do It Properly’
Another one of those early Chicago records that shaped House Music forever.

MAW – ‘Just A Lil Dope’
My fav MAW record ever. Check out that killer drum and 808 loop. This used to take the roof off.

Fingers Inc – ‘Mysteries Of Love’
A bassline that can smooth over any problems, sublime from Larry.

Track 1 – ‘For This II’
Early rave at its finest!

2 In A Room – Take Me Away (Junior Vasquez Remix)
The best use of that famous Casio CZ Organ sound ever… Check out that intro riff!

Adamski – ‘M25’
I mean the whole album really, just classic!

T-Coy – ‘Carino’
Unbelievable latin style piano in this record, still sounds amazing now.