For our next feature, we’re joined by Illyus & Barrientos as they give us their top 10 favourite Disco records…

Sylvia Striplin – ‘Give Me Your Love’
Starting off with a smooth number… ‘Give me your love’ just had one of those infectious grooves.

Alicia Myers – ‘Thank You’
This has been sampled so many times, so it always creeps back into our heads just how amazing this tune actually was.

Cheryl Lynn – ‘Got To Be Real’
All about the little brass play… Then the drops!

Fatback Band – ‘Do The Bus Stop’
Whenever this record is played you can literally see Disco. The clothes, swagger, clubs, smoke, music, people, THE LOT!

Tom Browne – ‘Funkin For Jamaica’
More on the Funk tip as the title suggest, but let’s be honest, this tune has attitude written all over it.

Womack & Womack – ‘Teardrops’
One of the all time best tunes. Not even sure it comes under the Disco bracket, but who cares when a tune makes you feel nothing but class.

Chic – ‘I Want Your Love’
String section at the end. Nothing else needs said.

The Gap Band – ‘Outstanding’
Bit of soul for the Disco winchin’ at the school dance.

Patrice Rushen – ‘Haven’t You Heard’
There’s always something to be said when a tune has been sampled many times, and whatever version is out at the time resonates with people of today… TIMELESS!

‘Mtume – Juicy Fruit’
Notorious B.I.G break through tune ‘Juicy’ sampled this classic by Mtume. It was P.diddy’s vision that convinced Biggie to do the track, Biggie seen himself as more of a raw, hardcore rapper. Honest opinion, we couldn’t tell you which version is the better one, all we know is the original introduced us to one of the best to ever do it in Hip Hop.