Huxley is officially BACK! Following on from his cut of 90’s nostalgia – ‘Waiting’  back in February, his latest release on Toolroom – ‘All I Need’  is well and truly locked in. An artist with over 10 years in the game, Huxley’s productions have garnered support from some of the scenes biggest DJs, released on labels far and wide including notable imprints such as Realm, AUS Music, Hot Haus, Hypercolour records and more. We love Huxley’s records here at Toolroom, but we wanted to find out from the man himself what his favourite productions are…

1. Huxley – All I Need [Toolroom]

My brand new single, just dropped on Toolroom. For me this is a return to form and to my old vibe, mixed with a new feel focusing on large bass-lines with tough stabs and a silky vocal. As always it’s an absolute honour to be back with the Toolroom guys and long may the relationship continue! You’ll definitely hear this a lot at any shows you see me at for the foreseeable future!

2. Huxley – I Want You [AUS]

This is probably the best tune I’ve ever written, or co-written. I wrote the music and then sent it to the amazing Roses Gabor who was gracious enough to do something absolutely magical with it. I remember being in a studio in London recording her vocals and just falling in love with it. It’s the one tune I’ll be proud to show my grandkids and really means something.

3. Huxley – Box Clever [2020]
I had to include this one in this list, but to be honest for a while I hated it. I played it every night for about 3/4 years and I just got so bored of it. However, I’ve had some space with it now and can definitely hear why it means so much to so many people. I like playing it again now, and if it’s the right show it still creates a moment when I play it. I really have to thank Justin Drake on this one too, as he helped me get the vocal sitting the way it does. He’s a genius.
4. Huxley – Inkwell [AUS]
Now, personally I prefer this to ‘Callin‘, although it obviously doesn’t have quite the cache that ‘Callin’ does. I still use bits from this vocal adlib that I got the main vocal part from in tracks so. I love the way the pads move through to hard hitting bass with the vocal layered on top used as an instrument to mimic the bass.
5. R Plus & Dido – My Boy (Huxley’s Head In The Clouds Remix) [BMG]
When they asked me to do this I was honoured to get to work with Rollo (Faithless) and, of course, Dido’s vocals. Her laid back, emotive tone has always been a draw for me. I went through a stage of really wanting more emotion in my music again and this is what naturally came out when I sat down to work on it. I was a bit worried that they wouldn’t take it, but they actually took this and another remix, which never came out. The lead sound fucks up on the bounce I sent them as the premaster and at least it annoyed me, but I actually love the imperfection now.
6. Huxley – Let It Go [Hypercolour]
This tune is the reason you guys still have to deal with me being here! Just before I wrote this I was all ready to give up and go back into gainful employment. It’s the tune that turned me into a producer promoters liked and into an artist that the crowd actually wanted to see. I was lucky enough to play this in an ice cream van at glade festival for Hypercolour and Jamie signed it on the spot. I can remember it being named as one of the big tunes from Solomun’s night at Sankeys in 2011 or 12 and that blew me away. I still prefer this to ‘Box Clever’ and remember when I made this I finished it in about 2 hours. I don’t think I even really touched it much after that either. I’ve tried to do updated remixes of it throughout the years, but they’ve never been worth doing anything with.
7. Huxley & Shenoda – Premier [Defected]
Laurie (Shenoda) and I were friends for a long time before we go in the studio and when we did we were able to smash out quite a few tunes. This EP, the flip was ‘Don’t Know’, came about over two afternoons. Both of these actually were helped by blowing up on my Boiler Room for Jackathon. At that time they had some sampled Vox on, but we redid that and then luckily Simon and the crew over there signed them.
8. Enlery & Mediman – Be Ready [Soulfuric]
I know not strictly Huxley, but last year I made this under my Mediman guise with my long term friend and killer vocalist, Enlery. He sent me the original idea as a gospel record and instantly fell in love with it. I added the House flavour, but maintained his original vocals and piano from the demo and it turned into this joyful, Gospel House number. We’ve done some more stuff too that’s in the works, so hopefully that’ll come out soon!
9. Huxley ft She KORO – Self Affirmation [Hot Haus]
I love this track, and I feel it got pretty swept under the radar, She KORO did a great spoken word and I love the way it plays off the bubbling synth line underneath. This one always goes down when I play it, but I think a lot of people missed it, as at this time I was maybe known for this sound as much. It’s a driving number though!
10. Huxley & Russo – Don’t Undastand [Leftroom]
I started this idea on my own when Sam and I were living together in Bournemouth. I can remember the girl underneath us use to fucking hate us with all the loud music. Two wannabe DJ and producers just making music 24/7. My mates lived down the road too which made it even rowdier. I honestly look back at these times with amazing fondness, and I think this is why this record will always hold a place in my heart as it was such a great time for me. It also came with a pretty banging Honey Dijon remix too!