Up next, we’re talking to one of the most exciting acts we have on the label this year. One of Spain’s finest new talents Crusy, an artist showing us how it’s done in 2022. With a string of killer releases already on Toolroom and Toolroom Trax, collaborating with Dombresky on their summer weapon ‘El Beso’, which garnered support from John Summit, Solardo, Hugel and more, to label founder Mark Knight on ‘Daddy Shhh’. Along with cuts on Sola, Knee Deep In Sound and more, Crusy is one artist you NEED to know about in 2023. We spent some time with the buzzing act to get to know who he is and what he is really about…

Hey Crusy, it’s good to hear from you again! How are you doing and what have you been up to recently?

Hey guys! It’s a pleasure to be here with you! After summer I’ve been focused on the new 22-23 season. I want to keep my sound fresh, so I’ve spent many hours updating it in the studio. There’s loads of new originals & remixes coming, I’m so excited!

Your latest collaboration with our very own Mark Knight – ‘Daddy Shhh’ has officially landed on Toolroom. Talk to us a bit about the record, where did the inspiration come from for the track and how did the collaboration come about?

It was amazing, Mark Knight has always been one of my favourite artists, and being able to be in the studio together was a dream come true. Everything happened very fast to be honest, during last July’s writing camp in London, Mark & I went in together at the studio. Mark had a very nice drum idea that we tweaked together and we actually made the whole song in about 3 hours, it was super fast! Sometimes you have a good energy in the studio and understand each other and that’s what happened there.

With a string of releases under your belt already, how did your relationship with Toolroom first form?

It was very organic to be honest, I sent Toolroom‘s A&Rs ‘Selecta’ back in November 2021, and the feedback was super nice! They are a team that always gives detailed feedback and asked me for more music. After a few releases on their Toolroom Trax imprint (‘Tell Me‘ & ‘Karma‘), they told me they wanted to help me out with my career. It was an insanely cool moment for me, Toolroom’s not just a label, it’s like a family.

As an artist who has aspired to sign records to Toolroom, what does it mean to you to officially become a part of the #ToolroomFamily and of course, release a record with the label boss himself Mark Knight?

I actually met and asked Mark Knight for a picture in Ibiza airport about 4 years ago, and now we have released a track together. You can imagine how it feels haha, absolutely crazy!

All the team, including Mark, has been mentoring & guiding me since the release of ‘Selecta‘, and that’s something I am grateful for. You don’t always get guided by one of your all time favourite artists so honestly, I could not ask for anything more.

Of course, we can’t forget your summer weapon ‘El Beso’, the super hot collaboration with Dombresky and Mathieu Ruz which garnered support from John Summit, Solardo, Hugel and made the Beatport top 10! What was is like working with one of the hottest acts on the scene right now?

It was amazing! Dombresky & I have been speaking on socials since January this year. He had been playing ‘Selecta‘ & ‘Karma‘ for a few months, and it felt very natural to work on a track together. I wrote a basic idea of the lyrics with Mathieu Ruz, and we wanted to speak about something that was happening in my life in that moment, and that’s how the first idea came out.

Dombresky & I later worked on it, and ‘El Beso’ came together! He has been supporting me a lot since day 1, and even invited me to play the song together with him & Vintage Culture at Hï Ibiza & Elrow in Amnesia. That song has had a crazy journey!

When looking back over the records you’ve produced and released so far, how would you describe your sound? And where do you see your sound going next?

I love to make records that are playable. I don’t stick to any trend, just make what I feel & makes me happy. I love to write about my life, all my lyrics represent something that I am experiencing.

At the moment I am busy in the studio and thinking about where I want to go creatively. There’s a bunch of tracks coming and I am experimenting with new sounds, but always maintaining the energy on them. Gonna be a few surprises soon!

We are of course, big fans of your sound here at Toolroom and we are excited to see how your career grows! Are there any records that stand out to you as influences on you as an artist over the years?

DEFINITELY. Some of my favourite records are ‘Man With The Red Face‘, by Mark Knight & Funkagenda. ‘Sputnik‘ by D.O.N.S. I also love Hot Since 82’s remix of ‘Music is The Answer‘ by Joe Goddard and SLO, ‘La Mezcla‘ by Michel Cleis and of course, Latmun’s remix of ‘Flash‘ by Green Velvet.

Mark Knight & Funkagenda – ‘Man With The Red Face’

D.O.N.S – ‘Sputnik’

Green Velvet – ‘Flash (Latmun Remix)’

Talk to us a bit about Spain, Madrid and your hometown of Bilbao, what was the music scene for like growing up in Spain? Are there any clubs, bars or venues you frequented when you first started cutting your teeth as a DJ?

Yes! I started DJing when I was 16 and started going out at the same time. Loved to go to Sonora & Txitxarro, in Bilbao. Have seen some of my favourite DJs in those 2 clubs.

When moved to Madrid, in 2015, I really loved Fabrik. It is one of those crazy places that you see some insane line ups in. One of the places I’d definitely love to play in a future.

How old were you when you first got into music, music production and DJing? Was it something you’ve always aimed for or was it something that came later on in life?

I was 15 the first time I tried some Technics. I was in a technology showroom in 2008 and a random guy asked me & my friends if we wanted to try them. I instantly fell in love with the art of DJing and bought my first DJ equipment in 2009 (a pair of CDJ 500, an Akiyama DJ2000s and a DJM300 mixer). I learned the basics and I found myself later in a moment (2010) where I wanted to have some records that were not available in the stores; that was the moment when I realized I needed to produce my own beats. There was no tutorials or anything in that time, it was super difficult!

What tips can you give aspiring artists, DJs, and producers to maintain motivation and creativity when creating music?

I know it feels a bit obviousc, but it’s quite simple. Be yourself, your sound will find you. Do not look at other people, do not compare yourself, every person is different. And finally, work hard, as hard as you can (every 1% counts), and believe in yourself.

Who are some of the artists you’ve had on repeat recently? Are there any artists we should be keeping an eye on in your opinion?

I am loving Latmun’s music. I have been playing it for years now, his music is a staple in all my sets and is one of my favourite artists to play music from! Another artist I’ve played a lot in my sets lately is Hot Since 82, his new tunes are fire, they are real bangers to play. As for upcoming acts, I am so surprised with Keffi! What a producer, I play all his new tunes on Trax… Defo must keep an eye of him!

Keffi – ‘Infatuate’

And finally, what’s next for Crusy 2022/2023?

Expect loads of new music. Experimenting with new sounds & my usual sound at the same time. Great collabs coming and loads of super cool shows. Hope to see you guys in the dancefloor, let’s stay connected. Thanks to you guys on Toolroom for the invite to the interview. Much love ❤️