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  • 1. Huxley 'Made Up My Mind' (Original Mix) [Toolroom] Beatport logo
  • 2. Cashio 'Dancing (With Me)' (Original Mix) [Toolroom] Beatport logo
  • 3. Sllash & Doppe 'Savanna' (Original Mix) [Toolroom] Beatport logo
  • Promo Pressure

  • 4. Kinnerman 'The Weekend' (Original Mix) [Kaluki Musik] Beatport logo
  • 5. Jay de Lys & Jamie Roy 'Savorlatino' (Original Mix) [Saved] Beatport logo
  • 6. Made You Look 'Drop Top' (Original Mix) [Lost Records]
  • Killer Cut

  • 7. MANT Feat. Hayla 'Lonely Days' (Original Mix) [Toolroom] Beatport logo
  • In At The Deep End

  • 8. DJ PP & Sean Finn 'Vision Of Love' (Original Mix) [Toolroom] Beatport logo
  • 9. Wanklemut 'Let Me In' (Original Mix) [Kittball]
  • 10. Cashmere 'Disco Hallelujah' (Original Mix) [2Dutch Deep]
  • The Hot Mix

  • 11. Ben Remember 'Wurkin' (Original Mix) [Toolroom Trax] Beatport logo
  • 12. Maxinne 'Say What' (Original Mix) [Toolroom Trax] Beatport logo
  • 13. Orlando Voorn 'In Da Jungle' (Elliot Fitch Remix) [Artwrk]
  • Classic Track

  • 14. FK Panda 'High At Night' (Original Mix) [Toolroom] Beatport logo
  • Devstar Guest Mix

  • 15. Trutopia 'Can’t Let Go' [Nervous Records]
  • 16. Cashio 'Dancing (With Me)' [Toolroom] Beatport logo
  • 17. Lonely Days – MANT Feat Hayla' [Toolroom] Beatport logo
  • 18. Jack Swift 'Be Good To Me'
  • 19. Devstar 'Jazz House'
  • 20. Trutopia 'South Coast' [Strictly Rhythm]
  • 21. Roog 'Out Of Control' [Simma Black]
  • 22. Weiss 'Feel My Needs' [Toolroom] Beatport logo
  • 23. DJ S.K.T 'Raindrops' [Toolroom] Beatport logo
  • 24. KC Lights 'Sol' [Toolroom] Beatport logo
  • 25. Tube & Berger 'Guess Who’s Jack' [Toolroom] Beatport logo
  • 26. Devstar 'Let’s Go'
  • 27. Dale Howard 'Hands Up' [Toolroom] Beatport logo
  • 28. Cal Johnstone 'Raid' [Nostal Audio]
  • 29. Loleatta Holloway 'Love Sensation' (Acapella) [Salsoul Records]
  • 30. Leftwing : Kody 'Wile Out' [Toolroom] Beatport logo
  • 31. JVXTA 'Brawn' (Cinthie’s Jack Be Nimble Mix) [HOMAGE]
  • 32. Mattei & Omich Feat. Ella 'Surprised'
  • 33. KiNK 'RAW' [Running Back]
  • 34. Morgan Seatree 'Something For Your Soul'
  • 35. Crackazat 'Fly Away' [Z Records]
  • 36. Ross Couch 'Tender Love' [Body Rhythm Records]
  • 37. Purple Disco Machine 'Emotion' [Club Sweat]
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    EPISODE 491

    Guest mix: Devstar

    Toolroom Radio is now live!

    Coming up in this episode Toolroom’s Ibiza resident at Eden, Maxinne is sitting in for Mark Knight, and has new music from Sllash & Doppe, Huxley, Kinnerman, Ben Remember, DJ PP and MANT. Plus there’s more from Promo Pressure, In At The Deep End, The Hot Mix and another Killer Cut.

    Then in Hour Two we’re joined by Toolroom Academy’s Devstar for this edition of the Guest Mix.

    Episode 486 was first aired on 23 August 2019.