House music is undoubtedly a genre that lends itself to the piano.

Over the years, there has been a multitude of classic records that have utilised the piano to great effect – creating emotional and impactful moments for clubbers all over the world.

Weiss is no stranger to piano house. As a producer, he has released a string of modern piano house anthems, and as a DJ, he’s well known to drop in a timeless or forgotten gem. We caught up with the man himself to raid his vinyl collection and discover his favourite piano house records of all time.

1. CeCe Rogers – ‘Someday’ (12”Club Mix)
This is such an emotional piece of House music. Every time I listen to this, it just takes me right back to the old days of House music. Used to pretend to play in front of people in my bedroom at my mum and dad’s and it would sometimes brings a tear to my eye.

2. Shades Of Rhythm – ‘Sounds Of Eden’
This track has a special place in my heart because it’s both one of mine and my wife’s favourite old school rave tracks. Great chords straight from the start then the vocal comes in.

3. Chaka Khan – ‘Ain’t Nobody’ (Frankie Knuckles Remix)
This is one hard record to get hold of but luckily I have a copy. Beautiful 909 perc with the original bass notes but then when it kicks in with the chorus the piano is so good.

4. The Awesome 3 – ‘Don’t Go’
From the original hardcore days I had to get this in. Great simple piano line and great drums. It’s one that will take you back to the rave days or School if you were like me as I was too young to go clubbing.

5. Sterling Void – ‘Don’t Wanna Go’ (Mike Dunn’s Vocal Mix)
I mean, who doesn’t know this track. That start with the drum roll then bang!!! Smacked right in the face with those piano chords and has a great vocal to go with it. Just simply amazing house music!!