Mason delivered the inimitable ‘Frisky Biscuits’ album on Toolroom in September 2020; written during lockdown, it’s an album of undeniable positivity and escapism, covering the spectrum of house and disco. 

‘Drowning in Your Love’ is the second single to be taken from the album, and it includes a remix from the head honcho of Toolroom himself, Mark Knight.

In this remix competition, hosted by the Toolroom Academy, we invite producers to give us their take on ‘Drowning in Your Love’. We invite entries within the broad genres of Disco, House, Tech House, and Techno; in short, anything that could find a home on Toolroom. That’s important, because the winner of this competition will be released on Toolroom in 2021. And not only that, they will receive a full scholarship from the Toolroom Academy, to enjoy a 12 week learning experience with the team, plus a full mixdown session with Mason!