Introducing Camden Cox, the London based singer & songwriter whose vocals have been featured on countless records as well as collaborating with artists such as Leftwing : Kody, Spada, Kydus, Jus Kidding, Friend Within and Dombresky with their record ‘Do You Remember. We catch up with Camden to talk about collaborating with other artists, her musical background and when exactly inspired her to pursue a career as an artist and vocalist.

Hi Camden, welcome to the #ToolroomFamily and congratulations on your latest release with Dombresky – ‘Do You Remember’! How are you doing and where in the world are you right now!?

Hey! Thanks for having me guys. I’m really well I’m at home in London working still!!

You latest release on Toolroom with Dombresky is a smash summer hit! Tell us a bit about working with Dombresky and how did it come about? Is he an artist you’ve wanted to work with for a while?

Well, I’ve always loved Dombresky, and last year I joined the same management company as him! So it was easier to get some vocals over to him and he loved that particular one, so he came back with a banger! I’m really happy with how it turned out.

Dombresky (feat. Camden Cox)Do You Remember

‘Do You Remember’ is a record drenched with that hazy summertime vibe mixed with a longing nostalgic edge. Talk to us a bit about what was the inspiration was for the record? Where were you mentally when writing the lyrics and melodies on the record and is there a deeper meaning behind the track at all?

I wrote it in my bedroom just as lockdown started last year, with my friend Tylr over zoom. We were talking about how we took it all for granted (going out and just living life). We were all confused and going through a difficult time of uncertainty, so I wanted the message to be something like ‘it wasn’t perfect before, but there was so much to be in love with’.

Talk to us a bit about your musical background, where you are from and has music always been a passion for you?

I grew up near Birmingham so me and my friends partied a lot at Rainbow and Gate Crasher etc, anywhere we could have a good dance! My dad loved rock and my mum loved her Drum and Bass, so I could have been influenced either way, but dance music just spoke to me! I realised I loved singing when I entered the school talent show and won so I thought, I need to focus on this! And I have ever since.

Can you tell us who are the artists and vocalists that inspired you to get into music?

I listened to a lot of club classic compilations, stuff from the 90’s! And in the early 2000’s I became obsessed with the likes of Robyn and Deadmau5. I wanted to be compared to Robyn, but heavier and more ravey. There are no singers in my family whatsoever which is odd! But my dad was a drummer so I loved going to watch his shows.

Deadmau5 & KaskadeI Remember

You’ve featured on some great records with Toolroom artists Leftwing : Kody and Friend Within as well releasing your own material. Is collaborating with artists something you enjoy doing and how do you typically approach collaborating with artists on different projects?

Yeah I love collaborating!! I really enjoy blending my sound with something new, and also finding people in a similar lane so we can reach both of our audiences! I get a lot of DJ’s and producers hitting me up with beats, or asking me for vocals. I either topline their beat or they work around a vocal of mine, it’s a really fun process!

Collaboration plays a massive part in dance music so it’s something I’ll always continue to do, but my solo stuff is definitely moving forward now too which is amazing. It’s important to me to keep pushing both sides! There will be more of both coming very soon

Leftwing : Kody & Camden Cox Without You

How have you managed to remain creative and maintain motivation during the Pandemic and Lockdowns over the past year? Do you have any tips for aspiring artists and vocalists who may be struggling with their mental health and creativity during this time?

Honestly I had my moments, but I really pushed myself to learn new skills and be the best I can be. I used to wait until I was with an engineer or a producer before I got a demo down, but I ended up getting the software for myself and I taught myself how to use it (it takes time so be patient) and now I absolutely love recording myself! It’s so nice to be in control of my vocals! I’ve even started helping other people with theirs now too.

My tip would be, find something you can really focus on, something new and just go for it, because it’s so rewarding when you master a new skill!

Events are set to return this summer, how have you found not performing for over a year now? Are you excited to get back on stage?

Yes I can’t wait! It’s been really challenging not being able to perform new songs, and see how a crowd reacts! Performing live is one of the perks and something we all took for granted, so I’m really excited to get back into it.

Who are your all-time top 5 favourite singers & songwriters?

RobynDancing On My Own

Jessie WareSay You Love Me

Alex Clare Too Close

James BlakeRetrograde

Tove LoHabits (Stay High) Hippie Sabotage Remix

Thank you for chatting with us Camden its been a pleasure! One last question, are there any new artists or vocalists that you’re buzzing about who should be on our radar at all?

Thanks for having me, it’s been fun! and definitely! I’ve been loving Emily Nash, Spencer Ramsay, Gardenstate, GVN, Tommy Farrow & Tyla! They should all be on Toolroom‘s radar!

Emily NashPressure

Spencer RamsayLove With You

Gardenstate & GVN Take Me There

Tommy Farrow Let’s Just

Tyla ft. KooldrinkGetting Late