Off the back of his latest release ‘Back To Me’ we managed to catch up with the Swindon based DJ and producer Chaney to talk about his favourite albums. His Annie Mac Mini Mix weaves from Blur to Bizarre Inc, to The Stone Roses to Octo Octa, and aptly titled ‘Chaney ‘Euphoric Time Machine’ Mini Mix’. Chaney is an artist who takes inspiration from every side of Electronic music and we wanted to dig a little deeper to know what albums inspired him to make music and the records that soundtracked his youth…

8. Primal ScreamScreamadellica

One of the best albums ever made and an education in creating music. Primal Scream’s song writing skills matched with Andrew Weatherall’s free-spirited production taught me to not be never feel scared in the studio.

7. MobyPlay

One of my earliest memories of hearing music on my parents JVC CD Player/Stereo. A lot of moments in this album which I’ve only grown to love more as I’ve got older. You can hear the all of the background noise in the vocal sample from (where sampling technology wasn’t quite what it is now) but you get the gist, and it’s utter magic.

6. The StreetsOriginal Pirate Material

One of them albums that stood the test of time, and will continue to do so. ‘Weak Become Heroes‘ is one of my favourites of Mike Skinner, I’ve included the incredible ‘Love Bug‘ mix by no other than Ashley Beedle. Whack it up. Known you all my life, I don’t know your name.

5. Moodymann Forevernevermore

This was really one of the first full albums (specifically categorised in ‘House’) that I fell in love with. So many amazing tracks on this and I included ‘Don’t You Want My Love‘ as one of them.

4. Charles BradleyNo Time For Dreaming

One of the most inspirational stories in music. RIP Charles Bradley, the screaming eagle of soul.

3. Paranoid LondonSelf Titled

No filler. Banging, filthy and raw. I’ve chosen ‘Lovin’ U’ one of my favourite tracks from the album, turn it up loud and you will understand. Euphoric filth.

2. RadioheadIn Rainbows

A masterpiece that I love so much. Listen to ‘Nude‘, my favourite track from the album, it’s something beyond music (I’m sure).

1. Paul WellerStudio 150

Without Paul Weller, I probably wouldn’t be doing what I’m doing now. Coming from a live music background, this album of covers is up there with one of my all time favourites. I’ve picked his cover of Sister Sledge – ‘Thinking Of You‘, one of my all time favourite tracks. The piano and strings in this track too, something else.