I Feel It
The idea behind this track was to make something summery that Chris could play at pool parties. Little did we know what that idea would turn into! Our biggest release to date! It made its way onto playlists and through night clubs around the world we were completely floored by the response. It’s always the ones you don’t expect that do the most.

If You Wanna
This was written during lockdown over zoom. We had started to work on a big progressive track but as the session went on we began to hear something else in the track so we took it in a completely different direction stripping it right back and making it more housey. Once we added the vocal we knew we were onto something. It became what we feel is a natural follow up to I Feel It.

Snap Back
Desolat is one of our favourite labels and Loco Dice is a definite hero for us. Someone had sent us footage of him playing an old remix of ours at Music On festival in Amsterdam and we were just about to release Sound Boy so we sent him that and he smashed it all over the world that summer. Off the back of that we wrote Snap Back particularly for Desolat. Dice A&Red it for months we made loads of tweaks and about a year later it came out! The promo video for that was him dropping it at 338 and with us being from London that meant a lot.

Sound Boy
This was another happy accident. We were messing around in the studio with a tribal type beat and as always when the track was in a good place the thankless job of searching for a vocal to fit the track would begin. We stumbled over the Lady Saw acapella which we both knew from our UK Garage days and sure enough it fit perfectly. When we were looking for a home for it we thought Solid Grooves may be a good fit and we had a good relationship with Michael and Pawsa. They used it in one of their promo vids for a Sold Grooves event and the comments went crazy.

This was huge for our profile when we first started the L:K project. After we released our second EP on Off Recordings, Exploited got in touch with us (which completely took us by surprise) saying they loved You Were and asked if we had any vocal demos available. Lost was a project that we had finished and didn’t really have a lot of confidence in. It was actually in the trash on our studio computer lol. After some discussion we decided to send it as it was the only dempo we had with a vocal and as the saying goes one mans trash is another mans treasure. Exploited came back very quickly saying they wanted to sign it.

“That record went onto be played all over the world we even have footage of Carl Cox playing it at DC10 saying Oh Yes Oh Yes over the top of it! Real bucket list stuff…”

This track was the sound of our summer in 2015. We were residents at Sankeys in Ibiza and quite early on in the season we had made Carnival and thought knew that Sankeys would be the perfect testing ground for it. The first time we dropped it the place erupted. We sent it to Hot Since 82 he was hammering a lot of our stiff at the time and then a few weeks later we were at Ushuaia and we heard him play it he then played it at Sankeys the same night! From then on it became one of our most requested tracks at our shows.

I Wanna Be
Robert Owens is one of the most iconic and when we were offered the opportunity to work with him we jumped at it. We actually thought we would be sent an acapella or some stems to work on. We didn’t realise he would be coming to our studio for an actual recording session. At the time our studio was in our friends tiny spare room! Que us removing chairs and trying to source a half decent microphone. At one point we were looking at each other during the session as if to say is this actually happening?? Another bucket list moment and the cherry on the cake was releasing the track on our own label.

8 Track
This track had some funk in it. We found a sample from a film talking about an 8 track stereo and we made a track that was a bit different for us at the time. It had these crazy jacking drums and this bassline that was rolling all over the place. It made a real impact on the dance floor

Just Getting Warm
We got a call saying Todd Terry is in town do you want to collab with him. Umm yes is that even a question lol. We picked him up and got 2 tracks down in a session that was around 4 hours long and we did the rest of the work over the internet. Both tracks were fire Another pinch me moment in our career.

Truesoul had been a label that was on our target list for such a long time. When we finally released on the label Telepathy was the stand out track from the EP. It was inspired by the Telepathy raves that were a huge London promotion back in the day. We took some of those rave elements and put our spin on it.

Seeing Adam Beyer drop it at Space in Ibiza is unforgettable