“We are a family at Toolroom, and this has always been important to us, the family ethos resonates through everything that we do, and hopefully this also comes through loud and clear on the radio shows.”

~ Mark Knight

On 10th October, we took over our local pub in Maidstone and hosted a one off night with our #ToolroomFamily to celebrate the 500th episode of Toolroom Radio. We swapped the dance floor for a pub carpet; the lasers became side lamps, and instead of a space filled with 2,000 ravers, we had just 200 that had been personally invited. But, the one thing that didn’t change? The atmosphere.

In keeping with our night’s surroundings, we hosted a pub quiz where our artists became the team captains and our fans each joined a team. Once the quiz had finished and the prizes were handed out, the DJs took over. First up was Mark, and that was it, the crowd were fired up and ready to celebrate. The remainder of the night included: Leftwing : Kody, Friend Within, Maxinne, Wheats, Martin Ikin and Siege. It was a banger after banger, and a packed pub carpet full of smiley faces.

“This Toolroom family is great. Regardless of the music, they are just a great bunch of people. They’ve put on a brilliant event like tonight, and it’s an opportunity to meet lots of good people. I’ve been into dance music for as long as I can remember and, Toolroom was part of that. I started Friend Within in 2014, and that was when I did a remix for Toolroom, which was called ‘Feels So Right’. I then did ‘Lonely’ and my relationship with them has just grown. They are always supportive, open to ideas, and there’ll be more tracks out with the label next year.”

~ Friend Within

“I’m telling you; being part of the Toolroom family is unbelievable. They have made us feel at home. ‘I Feel It’ has done fantastically for us this year. That track started off when we were working on some ideas in the Toolroom studio. I had been saying to Jon that we needed to come up with a piano/dub style track, and we threw some ideas around. Whilst we were doing this Mark walked pass the studios, heard what we were doing, opened the door, poked his head inside and said: ‘What is that? Whatever it is… finish it!’ And that was how ‘I Feel It’ came about. It’s the 500th Toolroom Radio show tonight, and that is an amazing achievement. I feel really proud to be part of it.”

~ Chris – Leftwing : Kody

“I got involved with Toolroom at the start of my production journey, and being part of the Toolroom family is amazing. I was part of the Toolroom Academy, and they’ve supported me ever since. I have grown as a producer because of them. There’s a real family vibe being around Toolroom and that’s something really special. Being involved with radio show has been great to do. Mark asked me to do a couple of takeovers this year, I really enjoyed presenting the shows. Toolroom’s 500th Radio Episode was a fantastic night that will not be forgotten quickly by the fans, artists or the staff. Proper party people, having proper old knees up. Here’s to the next 500.”

~ Maxinne

“I’ve been following Toolroom for a long time and now I’m part of the Toolroom family which feels amazing. Everyone in the scene knows the record label, so being part of it means a lot to me. I have done a couple of guest mixes for Toolroom Radio and I presented one show earlier in the year. I have really enjoyed being involved in the radio side of things and tonight is fantastic.”

~ Siege

Over the last 16 years, Toolroom’s radio show has been a massive part of our business…

Not only is this an extension of what we’re all about, but also it allows us to spotlight the new talent coming through the ranks. Through artist takeovers and different guest mixes every single week, it allows us to take a step back and welcome in a new pool of talented DJs and producers. No two shows are the same. Every week the team work hard to produce something brand new for our audience. Guest mixers have included: Carl Cox, Solardo, Roger Sanchez, Hannah Wants, Eli Brown, Weiss, Pirupa, Will Clarke, Gene Farris, Friend Within, Mambo Brothers, Walker & Royce, Josh Butler, Oliver Dollar and Doorly to name just a few. We proudly boast 10 million listeners in 59 different countries. This is not hype. It’s facts.

Want to be at our next Toolroom Family party?