What do you do at Toolroom?

I have lots of different roles here at Toolroom. I upload all of the music for Toolroom and Amplified (all of the sub-labels). I will usually have about 4-6 uploads a week and each release will need metadata creating and uploading to Fuga to then be distributed to stores. Another aspect of my job is creating a lot of the artwork for many of our sub-labels, this includes packshots, banners and general pieces for social media channels.

I’m also in charge of the merchandise at Toolroom, I design all of the merchandise as well as organise shoots, manufacturing of the products and processing day to day orders. I also manage things like expenses, HOAs, P&Ls, sending out all metadata monthly to collecting societies and uploading to PPL for all labels!

How did you get into the industry? Have you always wanted to get into a creative role?

I got into the industry through my sister who also works at Toolroom. I’ve been creative since I can remember with both my parents being graphic designers. I went to art college at 16 and then went on to study photography at University; so yes I can say I’ve always wanted to get into a creative role!

What would you advise to people who are looking to break into the music industry?

Keep trying until you succeed, don’t give up because you get one or two no’s. Be nice and professional to everyone you meet no matter how they might be to you. Be passionate and confident about yourself and what you want to do!

What’s a typical day like for you at Toolroom HQ?

My days are so varied at Toolroom. My job entails many roles so one day I may be on Photoshop all day, whereas the next I might be on Excel!

What’s been the most exciting project you’ve been involved with?

The most exciting project I’ve been involved with is actually the new 2019 merchandise collection. We’ve got loads of exciting things lined up and it’s nice to be in control of a lot of the aspects of it!

What’s your favourite piece of the new merchandise collection?

My favourite piece of the new merchandise is the ‘Hologram Sweat’.


Top 3 favourite Toolroom tracks?