Where are you from?

I’m originally from Hungary but I’ve been living in London for 5 years now!

You recently came to our Studio 338 show! Why did you want to come to this night in particular?

I wouldn’t have missed it for any reason. I was there last summer and the whole day was just amazing! I think Studio 338 is just the perfect summer venue for parties like this – I absolutely love the garden as much as the main room.

How did this show compare to any other Toolroom party you’ve been to?

Tough question… to be honest, you just can’t really compare these parties as each of them are unique. The line-ups are always great, I don’t know if these Toolroom parties can get any better! I’m definitely looking forward to the next one in October.

What was the atmosphere like?

Incredible as always! It’s definitely something you need to experience in person. Everyone is there for the love of music and to have a good time. The atmosphere is always very familiar… like it always feels like everyone knows everyone… Just good vibes and smiles all night long.

Describe the night in 3 words…


What was your favourite part of the night? Any stand out moments? Which DJ’s did you catch?

From the first until the last song, I just loved every second of the whole night! Pretty much managed to catch all of the DJ’s sets. From this summer, I really loved when Mark handed over the decks to Maxinne in the morning – she was on fire.

I also have a very memorable moment from last summer when Mark went playing B2B2B with Erick Morillo and Danny Howard at 5am and the crowd just went crazy for it – the sun was coming up and nobody wanted to leave. Absolutely love all three of them and seeing them playing B2B2B on that morning was a moment for me that I will never, ever forget.

What does the #ToolroomFamily mean to you? Have you met many people through going to Toolroom parties?

For me #ToolroomFamily means a bunch of like minded people. Every event I’ve been to so far, everyone in the room is there for the love of Toolroom. When you start to have a chat with random people, you can talk for hours about things and it just feels like you’ve known each other for ages. The amount of great people I’ve met through the events is incredible! Through Toolroom events, I’ve met people from all over the world and there’s one story I would love to share:

There was a Toolroom party last year at San Francisco. I’m forever checking all the Toolroom hashtags on Instagram and this is how I met Jen. Jen lives in San Francisco and posted something about the Toolroom party. We started following each other and began to chat and we instantly became friends. Earlier this year she came over the ocean to attend the Toolroom party at Eden, Ibiza she then stayed in London for another week and we got to hang out! We chatted about Toolroom and all our experiences. I’ve also met people from New York and Asia! It’s crazy how music and the #ToolroomFamily connects people from all over the world.


What are your top 5 Toolroom records at the moment?

It’s hard to choose only 5 songs as loving all of them back and forth but here they are my very favourite ones from this year that recently just can’t stop listening..

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