When I first set up Toolroom, 15 years ago, it was very much a family affair…

I built a studio in my Dad’s toolshed and worked on the music, whilst my brother Stuart ran the business side of things, and my parents helped with the accounts. We grew the company together, in time recruiting close friends to work for us, as the label got bigger.

We’ve always wanted to keep Toolroom approachable.

So what makes me incredibly proud is when I meet people at our worldwide events, and they say they feel part of the #ToolroomFamily.

We love having you guys involved and by signing up to ToolroomFamily.com, we want to make sure you’re well looked after. We’ll be bringing you loads of brand new and exclusive opportunities, from private events around the world, to exclusive merchandise, news and releases before anyone else gets to hear them!

We want to make sure you’re involved with what we do, every single step of the way.

Look forward to seeing you on the dance floor and make sure you join us!

Mark Knight